Home Rehabilitation


The Department of Community Development works hard to provide assistance to those who are eligible for it. The rehabilitation program is outlined on this page as well as details about rental and moderate housing rehabilitation.

You may be eligible for rehabilitation of your home. The Rantoul Community Development Department is now taking applications for this service. You may qualify if:
  • You own & live in your home a minimum of one (1) year.
  • You meet general requirements related to cost of construction, zoning, etc.
  • You do not exceed the asset limitations - Assets are items that can be readily converted to cash such as savings bonds, stocks, and other securities and equity in real estate other than the applicant's homestead.
  • The sum of all liens and mortgages on your home do not exceed 95% of your home's value.
  • Priority will be given to households with a disabled family member and to households aged 62 and older.
  • You do not exceed the following income limitations:

Number of Persons in Household Maximum Income

Number of Persons Maximum Income*
1 $46,850
2 $53,550
3 $60,250
4 $66,900
5 $72,300
6 $77,650
7 $83,000
8 or more $88,350

*Income includes earnings, dividend, pensions, social security, interest, public aid, or any other source of support.

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation

Programs & Grants

  • Full-Home Deferred Loan Rehabilitation Program - Assistance up to $20,000 is available for major repair or renovation of homes which contain several code-related repairs or are in need of significant rehabilitation (cosmetic items do not qualify). The funds are placed in a 3-year forgivable mortgage on the home.
  • Minor Rehabilitation Program - Under this program, a grant up to $6,000 is provided for code-related repairs of an emergency nature which threatens the health or safety of the occupants of the home.
  • Access Grant - Provides grant assistance to an income-eligible homeowner or renter of a single-family residence or up to a four-unit complex to eliminate physical barriers which inhibit the use of the dwelling unit by the person with Disability.  The maximum grant amount is $6,000.
In all of the rehabilitation grants, there is an application process and the grants are available throughout the Village limits.  In the Full-Home Deferred Loan and Minor Rehabilitation Programs, the homeowner is able to select own contractor from the approved bidders list.